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Advancing into the New Frontier of Diagnostics & Personalised Healthcare

Event Overview

The global in vitro diagnostic (IVD) market is estimated to reach USD 53.5 billion in 2013, according to a recent report by Industry Experts. Key drivers include increased patient awareness, growing importance of personalized healthcare, and development of novel and affordable technologies, especially in the field of molecular diagnostics and biomarkers.

Diagnostics & Biomarkers Asia 2012, part of the longest running Diagnostics conference series in Asia, discusses the latest industry trends and highlights technological advancement driving industry growth in Asia.  With discussions on growth strategies and market development, this meeting will also critically examine current advances in  personalized healthcare and Dx/Rx collaborations in Asia.  Be a part of this conference today to find out the LATEST opportunities for your business and research in this booming industry.

Event Highlights
  • Development & Commercialisation of Diagnostics & Biomarkers in Asia
  • Partnership & Investment Opportunities
  • Collaboration & Advances in Personalised Healthcare & Companion Diagnostics
  • Innovations & Technology Breakthroughs: Partnering & Investment Showcase
  • Diagnostic & Prognostic Biomarkers
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Point of Care Diagnostics
  • Market Development & Growth Strategies
What’s New in 2012?
  • HIGHLIGHT of key technological breakthroughs in diagnostics platforms
  • NEW insights into Asian Personalised Healthcare
  • LATEST scientific advancements in biomarkers for diagnostics & therapeutics
  • MORE strategic views on industry collaborations & coordination
Key speakers this year include:

Philippe Jacon
Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND)
Dr. Victor Shi
President Asia Pacific
Qiagen, China
Dr. Simon Haworth
Founder Director
Team Kapital, UK
Dr. Yin Qiman
Regulatory Affairs Director – Greater China
Beckman Coulter, China
Dr. Thomas Li
Senior Director, US Chief Technology Office & Head of Asia Pacific Technology Management
Roche Diagnostics, USA

To see the full speaker line-up this year, click here »

Why You Must Attend This Event

  • FIND out the latest trends in the diagnostic industry and development of personalised healthcare
  • UNDERSTAND how Rx-Dx collaboration is impacting the industry & your business
  • IDENTIFY potential collaboration & investment opportunities across industries
  • SHOWCASE of latest research advancements / technological innovations for partnering opportunities.
  • GAIN insights into go-to-market strategies and commercial opportunities in the diagnostics industry


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